About the company

Dingani Insulation CC was registered by two visionary entrepreneurs who have since incorporation managed to sustain the company. The company offers unparalleled high quality supply and application of thermal insulation services, as such managed to strategically position itself as service integrator in the Engineering Industry.

The company is a level 1 BEE Contributor and has since establishment managed to do work for companies such as Environmental Installation Services, CRC Air-conditioning, and others. The company’s core services include but not limited to Steam pipes, Boilers and chilled water pipes etc.

The company has also done work in various shopping centers and other areas across the country as a sub – contractor.

Dingani Insulation CC has established itself as a reliable and competitive thermal insulation to Hospital, Hotels, power stations and big buildings. The company’s reputation lies with the commitment and passion of the founding members of the company together with a spirited and committed team, project managers and a team of experts in constructions.

Our Core Values

  • Quality
  • Timelessness
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Empowerment

Why choose us?

As an established company we endeavour to put our clients first and strive to render professional high quality goods and services to the market. Our experience in all different fields ascertains that our company stands out of the crowd.

We provide professional services, quality services and approved products (to cater for our client) at competitive prices; this is all done with professionalism, flexibility, high quality service, and placing our company at the fore front of the market.

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About Us


We take pride in delivering prompt, professional service, the maximum level of equipment availability and proactive communication to our customers

Competitive Pricing


We endeavor to get the best possible prices from wholesales and suppliers so that we can pass as much as possible our savings to our client.

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Phone:  072 198 4743
Phone:  060 316 3650
Phone:  073 861 3295

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